Manuel Tomaselli

Photography is my world

I put all my passion and all my enthusiasm in my work

I think it is an honor to be chosen to capture the beauty and the emotions of the " big day "

I spend a lot of time taking pictures , thousands of nights spent to process images and to try new styles of layout, and at least a thousand nights spent in a darkroom in order to satisfy my need of expression , to discover new ways of "seeing"

I think the darkroom is a magic place , a theater where the light is leading actor

I often attend photography classes , both for professional and expression purposes

I love the photo books and dream to publish one by my own

I started to photograph in 2002

In 2003 I discovered the darkroom and the " Fine Art " printing process

In 2004, I begin to work as assistant to wedding photographers

Very soon I fell in love with this job , especially because it gives me the opportunity to test my human and artistic sensibility 

In parallel to my professional activities I continue to create personal creative works

My most important exhibition is " The other Dolomites ", made ​​in 2010

Fine Art Photography

I chose this name to emphasize the passion and care I made my services and my creations , and to indicate that I’m a " Fine Art " darkroom printer 

I like to prepare the services together with the bride and groom , knowing them and creating a small " storyboard " with them.

During my service I try to be invisible ads possible , in order to capture the spontaneity of the people

I like to create origina l albums, prints and works l and I like to involve my clients in the creation process

I give always all images, including a series of " candid " , after 3 weeks of the event , and you can also see them entering the reserved area

I can deliver album and works after 3 months from the date of the event

If request my works can include " Fine Art " prints , a service that’s offered by very few photographers